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    Техническая поддержка
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    Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Guide

    1. The laser engraving machines in use shall be in strict accordance with the correct boot order open or
    shut down equipment. Note: the laser power supply have to warm up for 5 minutes!

    2. In the process of laser engraving machine work, must detect the water temperature at any time (best
    working temperature is 25 ~ 30 ℃, 35 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed the minimum 
    temperature below 5 ℃), once the water is warm feeling, should immediately change water. Does not 
    affect work in water method is: discharge part of the hot water, into the cold water again.

    3. Every other month, must be a laser machine cleaning water tank, pumps (especially the pump filter
    sponge) and in and out of the water hose. Other peripherals for engraving machine (such as: fan, 
    pump, etc.) also needs a cleaning

    4. Regularly check grounding and measure, to determine whether the work is normal

    5. Periodically (once half a month or so) to detect the water protection switch, in order to
    determine whether its work is normal

    6. Daily boot before work, observe whether laser focusing lens is contaminated, if any should be timely
    clean. Clean the mirror

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